Manufactured as per ISO17357 with 0.5 kg/cm² and 0.8 kg/cm² internal pressure, these Fenders are extensively used for ship to ship transfers at mid sea, as well as vessel to berth at dock/jetty.  


"Chain-Tyre-Net" CTN Type Pneumatic Fender is also known as the Yokohama Fender/Floating Fender/Dock Fender. These kinds of Pneumatic Fenders became the world's leading anti-collision devices.

The chains are galvanized for greater corrosion resistance and covered by rubber sleeves to prevent abrasive damage to the outer rubber. The horizontal chains are fastened at each end to a ring shackle.

Pneumatic Fender is made of rubber and has a cylindrical shape with a hollow center. The fender is designed to absorb the energy of a vessel as it approaches the dock and to prevent damage to both the vessel and the dock. Pneumatic fenders are commonly used in ports and harbors around the world.



Features & Benefits


Strictly produced in accordance with ISO 17357 and PIANC 2014 standards.

Reinforced with multi-layer dipped nylon cord fabric.

Ultra-high standard performance.

Very low reaction and hull pressure.

Maintains large clearances between hull and structure.

Economical STS solutions.





Oil and gas tankers

Fast ferries and aluminum vessels

Temporary and permanent installations

Ship-to-Ship operations

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