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A dredge hose is a type of hose used in dredging operations. It is designed to transport materials such as sand, mud, or gravel from one location to another during dredging activities. 


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When choosing a Dredge Hose, it is important to consider factors such as the diameter and length of the hose, the type of dredging operation, the working pressure, and the specific requirements of your project. It is recommended to consult with a specialized supplier or manufacturer to ensure you select the right hose for your needs.

Regular inspection and proper maintenance of the Dredge Hose are also crucial to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. This may include cleaning the hose after use, checking for any signs of wear or damage, and replacing worn-out parts as necessary.

Overall, the Dredge Hose plays a vital role in facilitating efficient and effective dredging operations by providing a reliable conduit for the transportation of dredged materials.


Dredging hoses can be divided into the following types according to their functions and applications:


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HM-DH Series

Discharge Hose

HM-SH Series

Suction Hose

HM- SFH Series

Self-Floating Hose

HM-AH Series

Armored Hose

HM-CH Series

Ceramic Hose



HM-DH Series Discharge Hose


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Discharge hose is the most widely used pipe in dredging engineering. Discharge hoses can be used for many different dredging applications, for example, as a connecting hose between a dredger and its discharge line, or a flexible joint between rigid pipe elements. These hoses provide high resilience and good wear resistance.


Applications: Discharge Hoses can be applied to port wharf river, suitable for delivery silt, clay, sand mud coral stone and others.



HM-SH Series Suction Hose


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Instead of the usual spring wire reinforcement of standard discharge hoses, this suction hose has integral steel rings that allow for flexibility under high loads and full vacuum.

Dredge suction rubber hose is installed between the dredger and pump, and work under the negative pressure to absorb the mud. The suction hoses come equipped with rigid steel rings. The hose has the double properties of bearing both positive and negative pressure.


Applications: Heavy duty suction service of abrasive materials such as debris, sand, slurries soft clay, and silt with high solids concentration in dredging.



HM-SFH Series Self-Floating Hose


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The self-floating dredge hose is a buoyancy hose with an additional integral foam casing to allow it to float independently. High-density closed cell foam provides buoyancy without the need for additional floats and also prevents water absorption. Unsinkable design even if the skin is damaged. Various series of hoses can be added with foam for sub floating adaptation. DH-Self-Floating, SH-Self-Floating, AH-Self-Floating, CH-Self-Floating…


Applications: Self floating hoses are mainly used in challenging and harsh working environments, most of which are used in harsh sea and mining conditions. When greater flexibility is required.


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HM-AH Series Armored Hose


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Armored hoses are used in dredging and mining projects around the world and are particularly suited to the safe transportation of mineral ores and slurries which may have sharp interfaces, high volume capacity, heavy specific gravity and high impact loads, such as diamond ore. Integral square steel rings in the armored hoses ensure high dimensional stability and resistance.


Applications: It is used to dredge certain heavy materials such as diamond ore, coarse sand, coral reef or weathered rock.




HM-CH Series Ceramic Hose


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The CH series of ceramic hoses is designed for applications with severe wet sliding abrasion and erosion that would quickly wear out regular rubber mining hoses.

Fine grain alumina ceramic tiles are integrally built into the rubber using a hot vulcanisation process. This creates a seamless surface so the tiles can’t debond. Being set in rubber means the tiles absorb and dissipate impact, while Hongruntong Grade A rubber absorbs noise and vibration.


Applications: Hydraulic suction or discharge of highly abrasive material. Mineral processing plants, High-pressure tailings lines, Sand and gravel transfer, Lime transfer, Oil sands.


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